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This blog post is a quick update on a mini project that I did and completed within 3 days. Since I have some spare time these days, I decided to work on a project idea. To do so, I wanted to refresh my knowledge on website development.

I found out that there is a scholarship nanodegree program from Udacity and Google on Web and Android development, and thus applied for it and checked out the classes. I realised that some of the classes are free, so I went ahead with it regardless if I get the scholarship or not.

I started with the Introduction to HTML and CSS class (https://www.udacity.com/course/intro-to-html-and-css--ud304), something I find myself at home with. HTML is the first language I picked up on my own when I was 10 years old, so I am very familiar with it. What I find interesting in the class, is the introduction of frameworks that are freely available for use. Before I returned back to school last year, I stopped coding for a few years thus did not follow up with news at the front-end development world. I am pleasantly surprised that there are so many frameworks that make front-end web development so much easier now than before. I could do up the framework of the site within an hour with Bootstrap that was mentioned in the video, and most of the other time I was only consolidating information on my past projects to put in my portfolio.

I really like how this site nicely showcases a portfolio. To me, it is definitely more interesting than a 1-page resume, many thanks to the amazing instructors at Udacity.

You can check out my published portfolio site here (https://yihui26.github.io/Udacity-PortfolioSite/index.html). I only included projects I did in the past year at CMU-SV and in junior college though. There are more coding projects I did when I was an undergraduate, but they are all in my external hard disk back at home in Singapore. I may/may not add them in depending on when I return home; meanwhile I will continue to work on the product idea I have in mind, I will update again when I find interesting things to share.

Feel free to comment or drop me a private message if there are topics of your interests, I'll be happy to update those in this blog too.

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