DIY Painting

Hot Air Balloon - Fly Away

The Process...
Though I am someone who appreciates art, whenever I tried drawing, I could not draw and colour something to a standard that like. As such, when I chanced upon the concept of DIY painting on Qoo10 early this year, I decided to give it a try (link).

The process to order the painting set online from Qoo10 was simple. Within a few days, it was delivered to my house. I started painting shortly after. However, as I was busy with work and many other miscellaneous matters at that time, I took time only at night or at weekends to paint. 

The following images are some of the photos I took along the way:

The DIY kit has a canvas, paint brushes, mini paint tubs, and a paper reference.
It was simple to start painting. I started from the top and slowly made my way downwards.
The sky was relatively simple. I love the colours of the air balloon.
The bottom was tougher as the grass and leaves took forever to paint.

As I took my own sweet time from 25 Jan '16 to 10 June '16 to finish this painting, it provided an avenue for me to relax throughout this period of time. It kind of also shaped me up to prepare myself to fly away from home to explore the world. If you are like me - someone who likes to create art and yet cannot draw for nuts, feel free to try out this DIY painting too.

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